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Vision & Values


The Members’ Board and Trustees assume full responsibility for the strategic direction of the Multi Academy Trust. The Trustees are accountable for the entire business operation of the Trust. The Trust will take responsibility for the financial and resource management of the schools so that school leaders can concentrate on the education of their pupils. The strategic direction of each school is set through the Local Governing Committees (LGCs) to whom the Trustees have delegated responsibility via the Scheme of Delegation.  Although the Board holds overall responsibility and control, it is important that each school is able to self-govern through their LGC. One Community Trust values the contribution offered by all. We have consciously chosen to allow each school to have its own identity and values, as long as those values are driven in line with the board’s vision.

Strategic Ambition

  • All primary schools to be at or above the national average for expected attainment and progress in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and Key Stage 2 value added scores in the top 50% of primary schools nationally.
  • All secondary schools to have positive Progress 8 scores
  • The gap between Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium children (on the above two measures) to be below the national average.
  • All schools ensure that children feel safe, secure and their needs are addressed. We want every pupil to be guaranteed the very best opportunities through a culture of continued inclusion and robust safeguarding procedures.
  • All schools to ensure that each member of staff is motivated, respected, supported and developed, resulting in quality first inclusive teaching in each and every classroom within the trust.
  • To further develop our curriculum in each school so that we strive for the richest and most interesting learning opportunities that promote effective teaching and learning. This will then lead to excellent outcomes and increased levels of confidence and self-esteem.
  • To appreciate our unique settings and ensure our practice reflects local needs. Our communities range from central areas of relatively high levels of deprivation, to rural areas with little socio-economic barriers. Our children join us from a variety of local settings or directly from home and leave our primary schools to attend 12 different high school settings. Each school has to work with their local circumstances and ensure daily practice supports those communities. Parents are crucial to the development of their own children and we will aim to work more collaboratively with them to ensure success for all children.
  • We need to grow as a trust so that we are able to not only improve teaching and learning but build a strong financial base and build reserves to ensure longevity. We are an ‘Educational Trust’ but without financial stability we cannot focus on our core educational values.
  • All schools judged good or better by Ofsted.
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